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How to know if you are ready for managed payroll services?

December 10th, 2021

Recently a small business owner shared their frustrations with processing payroll. Preparing checks, calculating taxes, and filing all the reports took way too much time. It’s definitely a common complaint, and it’s only gotten worse due to the many tax law changes.

Taking advantage of the various tax credits can be challenging to navigate as well. They felt overwhelmed by everything they had to do. Fortunately, we have a solution with Paycheck Manager’s Managed Payroll service. Instead of having to calculate and keep track of all the numbers yourself. Managed Payroll will handle those tasks for you.

The main thing you need to do is enter the primary company and employee information. Then, our system can handle the record-keeping and calculations. No more worrying about whether the taxes are calculated correctly or if they have been reported on time. All the latest changes and returns are up to date on our site, so you don’t need to wonder if you’re filing the latest returns. Even if you forgot to process a check, Managed Service is flexible enough to let you go back and add it in. In addition, the system will recalculate the taxes and amend the reports if they haven’t been filed already.

Managed Services can even take care of your tax payments as well. Unlike other payroll companies, we pay directly from your own account when possible.

Our Managed Service gives you easy access to your payroll records and reports online. You can generate professional-looking reports and export your data into a worksheet for easy editing. This makes keeping track of your expenses a breeze, and claiming credits and tax breaks is easier than ever. 

All you need to get started: 

  1. Go to 
  2. Create an account
  3. Enter your information and get started creating paychecks

Managed Payroll Services eliminates the tediousness of payroll management. Allowing you the time to focus on what’s really important, growing your business!

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