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Paycheck Manager Empowers Small Business Owners with Educational Resources

January 2nd, 2018

San Jose, California, December 29, 2017 – C&S Technologies, the parent company of Paycheck Manager, recently introduced educational videos for small businesses through its YouTube channel. Paycheck Manager has long been a go-to resource for hundreds of thousands of small businesses. The Paycheck Manager Small Business Payroll Blog has helped thousands of owners gain independence by learning to manage payroll taxes, and to process payroll themselves. Now, the combination of mediums supports the owner in their chosen way of learning, providing detailed lessons through succinct videos and comprehensive blog posts.

As a leader in the development of IRS authorized payroll software, and a payroll tax e-file partner, C&S Technologies is excited to build an educational platform for small-business owners on YouTube. The company’s first video, “Payroll Basics for Small Business,” was released last month. More are in production, and small businesses can expect a litany of payroll tax educational video lessons to come.

These YouTube videos are meant as a companion to the Paycheck Manager Small Business Payroll Blog. The popular blog has helped thousands of business owners retain independence, allowing them to correctly and efficiently become their own payroll solution. They’ve found answers in blog articles like, “How to Correct a Previously Issued 1099-MISC,” “Payroll Basics for Part-Time and Seasonal Employees,” and “Federal IRS Form 941 Instructions, Employer’s Quarterly Federal Tax Return and E-File.” This expert advice, along with a variety of other useful articles, can be found on the Paycheck Manager Small Business Payroll Blog.

For more information, visit or call (408)935-8969.

About the C&S Technologies

C&S Technologies, Inc. has been providing small businesses throughout the nation with business payroll and tax services since 1996. The Silicon Valley based company offers six business payroll management solutions that allow business owners and managers to choose which specialty services suit their individual needs, including,,,,, and

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