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Paycheck Manager Enhances Package Offerings with Managed Service Subscription

December 14th, 2018

San Jose, California, December 15, 2018 – Paycheck Manager, and parent-company C&S Technologies, Inc., are thrilled to announce the addition of a new package, Managed Service, offering several added features, including worry-free payroll tax services for active subscribing businesses.

Paycheck Manager has been helping small businesses manage payrolls since 2007. Paycheck Manager’s Basic Service plan intuitively administers earning and deduction items, keeps an accurate record of federal and state tax forms and returns, allows for unlimited payroll runs, and allows the user to print checks at any time. The Basic Service plan starts at $5 per month for one employee, $3 per employee for two or three employees, and even less per employee for additional personnel.

Basic Service users do get access to self-managed payroll tax deposits or e-File services for an additional fee, but the new Managed Service plan offers a more in-depth solution that lets the customer reduce their workload during tax season and beyond. For an initial $10 setup fee, and then $12 a month, plus $2 for each employee, the Managed Service plan includes all the perks of the Basic Service plan, plus Paycheck Manager ensures the on-time filing and deposit for all Federal payroll taxes, and the filing of all Federal forms (form 941, 940 & W2s).  State payroll filing and deposit are available in limited states, including California, Florida, New York, etc. Users in states where deposit or e-File is not available can get the information from their account that allows them to pay and file reports at their state’s website. Paycheck Manager’s Managed Service subscription plan was developed to take the heavy lifting out of tax season for the small-business owner, and also to help customers avoid tax penalties that arise from late filing.

Paycheck Manager offers a free three-month trial to all new subscribers. For more information, visit or call (408)935-8969.

About C&S Technologies

 C&S Technologies, Inc. has been providing small businesses throughout the nation with business payroll and tax services since 1996. The Silicon Valley based company offers six business payroll management solutions that allow business owners and managers to choose which specialty services suit their individual needs, including,,,,, and

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